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    About Then nelli

    • Then Nelli, also known as Honey Gooseberry is a traditional sweet made by soaking amla (gooseberry) in honey.
    • Both ingredients then and nelli in then nelli have nutritional value independently.
    • This then nelli combination enhances its health benefit.
    • Thus, consuming is not just a feast to your tastebuds but also improves your health in every possible way.


    Health Benefits

    • Amla Murabba is a rich source of iron content, which fights anemia due to iron deficiency. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding can start eating amla Murabba to treat iron loss.
    • Since Amla Murabba is an excellent source of vitamin C, it can improve the complexion significantly.
    • Being a great source of A,C and E ,it reduces the aging process and produces collagen which makes the skin younger.
    • Amla dipped in honey is a loaded source of fibre and an effective remedy for digestive problems. It is an effective relief for constipation as well.
    • Amla is rich in chromium, zinc, copper, iron and others. Besides boosting immunity, havard health researchers concluded that chromium which takes care of cholesterol levels might lower the risk for developing heart disease.
    • Since mothers during pregnancy are more prone to anemia,amla Murabba will be an effective relief.


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