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    About Suji

    • Suji or Rava, is a durum wheat product and a form of semolina.
    • Suji is made by grinding husked wheat and is used in Indian cuisine to make savoury dishes such as rava dosa, rava idli, upma, khichdis.
    • There are also sweet dishes made from it, take for example rava ladoo, and sujiji halwa in North Indian cuisine which is also known as rava kesari/ kesari bath in South Indian cuisine.
    • Rava may be described as the residues of milled material, after the flour is ground in a flour mill (chakki).
    • It is passed through a fine mesh till flour and rava are separated.


    Health Benefits

    • Semolina is a great source of various nutrients and minerals.
    • Boosts energy
    • Keeps nervous system in good condition
    • Improves heart health
    • Keep bones stronger
    • Prevents anaemia
    • Improves kidney function
    • Enhances immunity
    • Good for digestive function
    • Rava is extremely nutritious and provides high levels of various B vitamins, iron, protein, and fibre.
    • Helps manage weight: Rava is rich in fibre which can help you digest food and keep you away from hunger pangs because it releases energy slowly.
    • Improves kidney health: The potassium content in Rava can better the kidney health and function.
    • Good for nervous system: Rava is a good source of phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium which are important for the proper functioning of nervous system.
    • .Keeps the muscles healthy: Sufficient amounts of calcium and magnesium in Rava keeps your muscles stronger.
    • Promotes immunity: Selenium, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E present in semolina strengthen your immune system.



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