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    About Sengal Toor Dal

    • Sengal is a place in Tamil Nadu.
    • The sengal toor dal whole-lentils are packed in the red soil, dried and then sent to the mill for de-husking and splitting.
    • Sengal toor dal particularly looks reddish orange in colour.
    • The method of packing it in the red soil makes it retain the minerals from the soil thus enhancing its aroma and nutrition.


    Health benefits

    • Sengal toor dal contains folic acid, an important vitamin for all women.
    • It also contains carbohydrates, fiber & protein.
    • Traditionally processed dhal retain the minerals and proteins present in the dhal, intaking of this gives internal care for our body. This kind dhal will be free from pest for longer days.
    • It promotes Iron Strength
    • This lentil Regulates Blood Pressure
    • This helps in maintaining Weight
    • This boosts Energy
    • This helps in Managing Diabetes
    • It is very good for boosting liver health
    • It strengthens muscle mass and repairs tissues
    • It enhances bone health
    • It Pprevents from cardiovascular diseases

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