Seeraga Samba Rice 1KG


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    About Seeraga Samba rice

    • Seeraga Samba Rice is one of the traditional rice that is cultivated in India.
    • This rice variety looks more like jeera(seearagam), a spice and thus deriving its name.
    • Seeraga samba rice has wonderful aroma.
    • Seeraga Samba rice is best suited for preparing briyani.
    • Boiled rice, thin in nature and dull white due to organically cultivated and processing.
    • A traditional variety rice which has been used by South Indians for long years.
    • Seeraga Samba rice resembles it’s nature.


    Health Benefits

    • Seeraga samba rice contains selenium, which helps to prevent the cancer of colon and intestine. It has got more fibre, which helps to remove free radicals from colon and intestine.
    • It also has phytonutrients and this help to fight breast cancer and strengthens the heart function.
    • The oil in the seeraga samba rice reduces cholesterol. It is rich in fibre; hence, it reduces the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body. It’s good for people with diabetes.
    • Since it is rich in fibre, it controls the calories in the food and thus stops more intake of food. It also eases digestion and helps to relieve constipation.
    • While we need only small amounts of it, this rice is rich in antioxidants that protect us from heart diseases. It improves thyroid health and lowers hyperthyroidism.

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