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    About Sambar Powder

    • The sambar powder is prepared by frying lentils, coriander seeds and other natural spices
    • . Sambar powder is used to make a very popular south Indian dish, Sambar.
    • This sambar is usually served in side with rice or other south Indian tiffin varieties like dosa, idli etc.Each family has their own unique version of this homemade spice, sambar powder.


    Health Benefits

    • Sambar powder contains a variety of spices and herbs that are high in nutrients, including coriander, pepper, turmeric, chilli powder, cumin, curry leaves, asafoetida, and fenugreek. In tiny doses, the combo in sambar powder has been shown to have positive health effects.
    • A diet high in antioxidants has been shown to provide anti-aging, eye-protecting, blood-sugar-lowering, heart-protecting, immune-boosting, and cancer-preventing effects. Antioxidant properties can be attributed to the sambar powder spices. chemicals including curcumin, piperine, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, and carotenoids.
    • Several active ingredients found in turmeric (curcumin), pepper (piperine), red chilli peppers (capsanthin), and red chilies (terpinene, quercetin, and tocopherols) present in sambar powder have been shown to inhibit the growth of malignant cells and even kill cancer cells. Asafoetida that is added in sambar powder may possibly have a role in preventing cancer by inhibiting the spread of cancer cells. An investigation into the effects of sambar powder in the dish sambar on colon cancer in rats yielded positive results.
    • Possibility of enhanced cardiovascular health.
    • Sambar powder contains antioxidants that are great for your heart since they originate from the cumin, turmeric, black pepper, asafoetida, and coriander. Fenugreek in sambar powder has the ability to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides is one way it benefits cardiovascular health.


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