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    ABout Red Rice

  • Red Rice is a variety of rice that is red in colour by its anthocyanin content.
  • It is commonly used in kerala and is also known as Matta Rice.
  • It is usually eaten unpolished or partially polished, and has a red bran layer, rather than the more common pale brown. Red rice has a nutty flavor.
  • It has the highest nutritional value among rices eaten with the bran intact.

  • Health Benefits

  • Red rice helps in regulating the insulin levels. Being low in glycemic index (Glycemic index- 55), red rice helps in controlling the sugar levels and is good for diabetic patients too.
  • Regular consumption of red rice can improve oxygen circulation in the body and thus prevent Asthma. It also improves and regulates breathing patterns
  • Red rice can easily drain out the harmful toxins out of the body and ease the bowel movement.
  • Red rice being a whole grain can easily reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and thus prevent heart diseases.
  • Red rice is perfect for weight-watchers as it is loaded with fibre and thus gives a feeling of satiety and fullness when consumed.
  • The anthocyanin content in red rice can delay the signs of premature ageing too!
  • Red rice is highly recommended for those above 40 years of age as it helps in preventing the onset of Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other bone disorders due to its high calcium and magnesium content.

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