Rava dosa Plain 200GM


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    About Rava Dosa Mix

    • Our instant rava dosa mix is a very tasty and healthy mix as there are no added colours or preservatives.
    • This rava dosa mix is a quick fix to the busy life. It makes your day easy and tasty yet not compromising on the health.
    • Rava in general has a lot of goodness in it.
    • Our mix has salt, pepper and other essential ingredient are already present in the mix in the right proportion.
    • Add 2 cups of water to 1 measure of the instant rava dosa mix.
    • Mix it well and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
    • Heat Tawa in medium flame, spread sufficient batter on the tawa.
    • Add 1 tbsp of oil in tawa and flip both sides.
    • Roast the dosa till golden brown colour.
    • Serve hot with sambar/chutney.
    • Optional– Add chopped green chillies,Curry leaves,coriander leaves and onion to the batter and mix well before using the batter.


    Health Benefits

    • Rava is a great forerunner for weight loss. Amidst this, hunger pangs are the culprit of weight gain and that’s when rava comes to rescue. Rava can easily mask unnecessary pangs by giving you immense energy and nutrition. Being rich in fibre it also helps for easy digestion and keeps you full for a longer period of time.
    • One of the key benefits of eating rava is that it is a rich source of energy. Rava boast carbohydrates which is a blessing for individuals who undertake high energy task. Most importantly, rava helps to get rid of unnecessary lethargy by keeping your body charged for the whole day.



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