Palm Sprout Boost 100GM


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    About Palm Sprout boost

    • Palm sprout boost is an excellent superfood, which is made with the goodness of palm sprout, palm sugar, nuts & cardamom. Feel good with awesome taste.Palm sprout boost mix has no additives or preservatives added.
    • Fits from young babies to the elderly.
    • To prepare mix, Add 2 teaspoons of palm sprout powder to a glass of hot water or milk, mix well and drink.
    • There is no need to add sugar.


    Health benefit

    • Provides satiety and helps in weight loss.
    • Helps increase body growth and body radiance (shiny).
    • Helps strengthen internal organs.
    • Help reduce body heat.
    • Rich in dietary fibre helps in the prevention and management of constipation & intestinal cancer.
    • The presence of omega-3 (ALNA) and other unsaturated fatty acids and a low glycemic index helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiac problems, and obesity; and helps the diabetic patient by increasing insulin response.

    The iron content is increased as a result of its goodness.


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