Naval pazha soup 100GM


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    About Naval pazha

    • This healthy instant naval pazha soup mix consists of Jamun seeds and spices ground with perfect consistency serving you a tasty, healthy and thick naval pazha soup.
    • Add 1 teaspoon of this mix to the boiling water and boil for 3 minutes.
    • Yummy naval pazha soup is ready to eat.
    • Naval Pazham, Dal, Onion, Spices and salt


    Health Benefits

    • Both jamun fruit and the seed powder have anti diabetic properties. The seed powder is excellent for reducing the blood sugar levels
    • The seeds have anti ulcer properties and the water extract of the seeds or the seed powder can be taken for treating ulcers.
    • The leaf extract has anti allergy properties and if you have the tree at home, the leaf extract can be given to immediately bring down allergies.
    • Jamun fruits have wonderful anti oxidant properties.
    • Jamun leaves have significant anti hypertensive properties and the leaf extract got by boiling the leaves in water reduces blood pressure levels.
    • Jamun has wonderful anti diarrheal properties making it a very handy medicine for treating diarrhea.
    • Consuming jamun extract during cancer therapy helps reduce the side effects associated with the therapy.
    • Since it has wonderful anti bacterial properties, the leaf decoction can be used as a gargle to treat dental problems like mouth odor, plaque, etc.
    • The fruits are rich in vitamin C and consuming foods rich in vitamin c helps with effective iron absorption. For women who are deficient in iron consuming jamun fruits will greatly help with iron absorption.
    • The seed extract has anti pyretic (fever reducing properties) and since it also has anti viral properties, the seed powder can be taken for treating viral fevers very effectively.



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