Nari Paiyru Urundai 12Nos


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    About Nari paiyru Urundai


    • Nari paiyru urundai is sweet made using moth bean otherwise known as Nari payaru, jaggery and ghee. The health benefits of nari paiyru urundai makes it a guilt-free yummy snack.


    Health Benefits

    • Nari paiyru urundai helps us in curing and preventing various health problems and gives us a healthy way of living.
    • Loaded with calcium and phosphorous, this tasty legume not only prevents bone related disorders but also strengthens them.
    • Ensure adding moth beans to your diet plan at least thrice a week for building a body mechanism that fights against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Zinc in these pulses boosts the immune system and prevents various health problems.
    • Moth beans are an amazing source of protein that not only repair muscles but also aid in losing weight without compromising on the health and stamina.
    • matki is also a good source of digestive fibre which plays a major role in regulating bowel movement. Moth beans not only prevent constipation but also help in flushing out toxins.
    • Moth beans helps in reducing stress and sudden bout of anxiety. Zinc, one of the main components in this legume plays a crucial role in bringing down the levels of anxiety and stress.



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