Murungai Kai Soup 100GM


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    About Murungai kai soup

    • Murungai kai soup is an instant soup powder with ingredients dried murungai kai along with other spices to prepare tasty and thick murungai kai soup.
    • There is no added preservatives or colours making it natural and healthy.
    • Add 1 teaspoon of this mix to the boiling water and boil for 3 minutes.
    • Yummy soup is ready to eat.

    Health Benefits

    • Drumstick being an incredible source of essential mineral’s calcium, iron and phosphorus, strengthens the bones in growing children. Regular addition of drumstick in the diet also reinstate bone density in older people and easing the symptoms of osteoporosis. Potent anti-inflammatory properties of drumstick are beneficial in treating conditions like arthritis and also heal minor bone fractures.
    • High on vitamin C and antioxidants, drumstick helps to combat against common cold, flu and stave off several common infections. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of drumstick assists in lessening the symptoms of asthma, cough, wheezing and other respiratory problems. For quick relief from common cough and other illnesses relish drumstick soup to bolster the immune system and keep diseases at bay.
    • Drumstick blessed with a richness of essential B vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and helps in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. It also aids the digestion process by helping in the break down of carbs, protein and fat into simpler forms. Moreover, the umpteen amount of fibre in drumsticks regularise the bowel movement and maintains the gut health.
    • The goodness of bioactive compounds niaziminin and isothiocyanate in drumstick assists to circumvent the thickening of the arteries and lessens the chance of developing high blood pressure. The rich antioxidant profile in drumstick improves the circulation of blood and nutrients to the heart thus regulating hypertension.



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