Kollu Soup 100GM


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    About kollu soup

    • This instant kollu soup mix consists of horse-gram or kollu and other spices ground to a perfect consistency serving you a delicious thick kollu soup.
    • This kollu soup is 100% natural as there is no added preservatives or colours.
    • Add 1 teaspoon of this kollu soup mix to the boiling water and boil for 3 minutes.
    • Yummy kollu soup is ready to eat.


    Health Benefits

    • Kollu, the main ingredient in this kollu soup has a lot of benefits.
    • Maintaining its astringent property, kollu in kollu soup fit well as a component to cut down that extra flabby fat.
    • Kollu in kollu soup sustaining their astringent property help in tightening the tissues and lining up your cycle to ensure proper ailment.In fact, for those who underwent heavy blood flow must pop in these brown cherries at regular intervals in a day to ensure the tissues get healed and tightened.
    • Acting a stringent antioxidant, the kollu in kollu soup land a perfect place in your diet. Starting off from breaking down the stones into minute particles, later help in flushing them out, ease out on the pain.
    • Horse gram powder mixed with warm water controls your cholesterol and purifies blood ensuring a proper bowel moment and in short controlling pressure.
    • Adding horse grams to your diet on a regular interval may be once in every 3 hours can be beneficial as it increases metabolism and cleanses your blood with its antioxidant property.
    • While B-Complex perfects this flaw, horse grams the best carrier of it is perfect to sharpen those senses and improve thinking process.
    • they can also be a good solution to migraines too. Holding the highest amount of B complex properties the horse grams add value to your diet not only to ensure proper physique and weight but also sharp brains and thinking process.



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