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    About Kodo Millet

    • Kodo Millet is a cereal grain of the cereal grasses Sorghum and African Millet.
    • Kodo Millet is a tiny, round, light brown seed with a slightly harder outer coating than other millets.
    • It is an excellent source of protein, and a staple in many parts of Africa.
    • Kodo millet is also known as cow grass, rice grass, ditch millet, Indian cow grass.
    • It is called as Kodo dhana in Hindi, Arikalu in Telugu, Varagu in Tamil, Kodro in Gujarati, Harka in Kannada, Kodon in Urdu.


    Health Benefits

    • Kodo significantly reduces glycated haemoglobin levels, triggers production of liver glycogen, stimulating instant levels of energy in diabetics.
    • Kodo millets are an impressive source of powerful antioxidants. The phenolic extracts in this tiny millet reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, keep heart healthy, bring down blood pressure levels and prevent various other chronic conditions. These antioxidants also act against free radicals causing damage to the cells, tissues thus preventing various types of cancers.
    • Kodo, a great alternative for rice and wheat serves the purpose, as it triggers metabolic activity, fights against metabolic syndrome especially in the adolescent boys and girls thus aiding in shedding that stubborn fat in and around the waist, abdomen and hips.
    • Regular consumption of Kodo not only keeps this vital organ healthy but also brings down the levels of bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, fight anxiety and keep you happy, all thanks to the presence of protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants.
    • Kodo millet is a time tested home remedy for healing external wounds. Mix one spoon of fresh Kodo millet flour with water and apply it on the affected area on the skin to alleviate pain and also to accelerate the process of healing.


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