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    About Kambu Murukku

    • Kambu murukku is a savoury prepared using pearl millet flour.
    • Kambu murukku is nutritious and tasty at the same time thus making us enjoy the kambu murukku without compromising on our health.


    Health benefits

    • Kambu in kambu murukku plays an important role in our health and helps us in curing various health problem.
    • Kambu in kambu murukku plays a powerful role in controlling diabetes, the high insoluble fiber content aids digestion, right metabolism, reduces insulin resistance in the body, reduces the risk of diabetes in non- diabetic people and helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels by the low glycemic index, millets detoxifies the body and improves immunity.
    • Kambu is a great source of B vitamins (B1, B2, folic acid, niacin) for placental growth in babies, that supplies energy and encourages the development of everybody parts of the baby. 28 grams a day of fiber is recommended during pregnancy to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.
    • The blood volume in the body will increase by 50% during pregnancy; iron helps such increased volume vital for the formation of blood cells and transportation of oxygen to blood cells. Adequate iron intake is must during pregnancy, most iron supplements are constipating but Kambu is good for digestion, cools the body and aids in blood building.
    • The magnesium content in pearl millet plays a vital role along with vitamin D, B, and Calcium in bone and tissue development in the fetus well as the mother”s body and prevents leg cramps.
    • The high amount of zinc in pearl millet fights anemia and increases hemoglobin level.
    • Pregnant women having gestational diabetes must include pearl millet into their diets, for its the best source of calcium which helps in healing and calcium in pearl millet helps in teeth, bone and nail development of the baby, there should be adequate calcium content in the mother’s body since it’s the essential source of nutrition to the baby.
    • The amino acids present in pearl millet helps to release stress, since it’s a natural relaxant that helps to stabilize the mood of the mother, making her stress- free from psychological sufferings and depression.



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