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    About the product

    • Idly rice is extensively used for preparing batter for idli/dosa.
    • idly rice is a great source of carbohydrates.
    • Idly rice is made from crops cultivated in Tamil Nadu.
    • During the months of March and September, this harvesting is done twice a year.
    • Top-quality Idly rice is commercialised for big trade and cafe service.
    • Customers prefer these because they are good quality and fairly priced.
    • Idly rice is a good bet in an area in which idly rice is a dietary staple.
    • Idly rice, also known as parboiled rice, is rice that has been steam-pressed in its indigestible hollow shell.
    • Parboiling is accomplished in three stages.
    • This occurs immediately following harvest but prior to milling.
    • This causes the rice to turn a light yellow colour.
    • Rice has effective strength in its texture and backup existence.
    • They soak the rice, steam it, and then dry it in its husk.
    • This rice is also known as converted rice or quick rice.
    • Idli rice is nutrient-dense and chemical-free.
    • Idli rice soaks faster and produces more batter.


    Health benefits


    • Aids in Weight Loss: Idli is an excellent breakfast option due to its low-calorie count. Furthermore, it keeps you complete, preventing overconsumption and chowing down on unhealthy foods.
    • Beneficial to the Digestive System: Despite being a filling dish, idly is not heavy, fatty, or oily. It is easy to digest due to its gentle composition and batter digestion process. The germs and bacteria that are involved in the brewing process are advantageous to the intestinal systems of your body.
    • Nutrient and fibre-rich: Carbs, enzymatic, amino, and proteins are abundant in idly. As mentioned earlier, the dietary fibre content in idly allows for digestion.
    • Carbs are under control with this supplement: Idly rice contains enough carbs to keep you going throughout the day. You could also try eating idly with juice to help your body tear carbs more efficiently. It also helps to keep bad cholesterol at bay in your body.


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