Health Mix 100GM


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    About Health Mix 100G

    • Good Health Mix 100G is a pack of 3 powder supplements that are meant to be mixed together and drank.
    • Health mix 100G powder is a nutritious and healthy nourishing blended mix made of natural multigrain like Millets, Cereals, Pulses, Whole grains, and Nuts, etc, all these ingredients have a very good nutrition balance. Which is good for building a healthy immune system and acts as body growth and development substance for all age groups.


    Health Benefits

    • Health mix 100G powders are 100% natural and healthy food for babies above 6+ months you can give after the basic solids introduce. Best and Good Nutritious foods for babies to adults and all age group to consume daily in the form of health drink or porridge, Which is daily given by many of the mothers for the toddlers to build good immunity with right growth both height and weight.
    • Health Mix has more fibre content which quickly does the digestion and antioxidants reduces the bad cholesterol, already it has rich proteins, carbohydrates and other energy supplying components which ensures the production of the enzyme in the right quantity so that the proper digestion system will reduce bad cholesterol settlements in the body.
    • Provide energy to the body
    • Consists of plenty of useful nutrients
    • Traditional dietetic meals
    • Carries rich fibers and irons
    • Tightening muscle groups
    • Boosts stamina
    • Mixture of healthy nutritional resources along with cereals, dry fruits, nuts and pulses gives immediate energy
    • Incredibly beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
    • Strengthens developing bones
    • Proper for heart and additionally correct for sugar affected person


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