Groundnut Oil 500ML


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    About Groundnut oil

    • Peanut oil, also known as groundnut oil or arachis oil, is a vegetable oil derived from peanuts. The oil usually has a mild or neutral flavor but, if made with roasted peanuts, has a stronger peanut flavor and aroma.
    • peanut oil offers a slightly nutty flavor, it’s generally a good, neutral option to use for most recipes. It has a high smoke point (around 450°F), meaning it can withstand high temperatures without burning.


    Health benefits

    • Groundnut oil has a significant amount of vitamin E, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, collectively known as good fats.
    • Groundnut oil has no cholesterol. Thus, it does not contribute extra dietary cholesterol.
    • Due to its high anti-inflammatory characteristics, groundnut oil can be used in cooking to keep arthritis at bay. It also helps to strengthen the joints and alleviate joint discomfort. Cold-pressed oil helps relieve joint pain by reducing inflammation in the joints.
    • Antioxidants protect your body from toxins and free radicals. Groundnut oil contains phytochemicals and vitamin E, which are natural antioxidants and help reduce inflammation.
    • Groundnut oil is cholesterol-free. Phytosterols compete with cholesterol absorption in the stomach and gut, lowering cholesterol levels. Fatty acids raise HDL, or good cholesterol, which helps lower LDL or bad cholesterol.


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