Green Peas 500GM


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    About green peas

    • Pea or green pea is one of the major food legumes in the world. It ranks fourth in legume productions worldwide after soybean, peanut and dry bean.
    • Scientifically known as Pisum sativum, it belongs to the Fabaceae family.
    • Some people also call green peas as garden pea, sweet pea, honey pea, or sugar pea.
    • Green peas are an important part of our diet due to the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
    • You are highly likely to see this vegetable in every Indian household.
    • Green peas are now grown worldwide for human and animal consumption.
    • However, these sweet peas originated in southwestern Asian countries like India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.


    Health Benefits

    • Due to its high fibre content and low glycemic index, it may help manage blood glucose levels. Low glycemic index foods are known to cause a lower spike in blood glucose levels as found in a study.
    • The high fibre content of peas may help you manage weight. During a trial, bread made with pea fibre could increase the duration of satiety, which may help weight management by cutting down on overall calorie intake.
    • The peas are rich in fibre. Foods rich in fibre are known to reduce blood pressure and improve lipid levels in the blood. Many studies conducted on the legumes diet have shown improvements in heart health.
    • A diet rich in the peas may promote bowel movement and help relieve constipation. The peas have displayed positive effects on intestinal bacteria and improved their metabolic activity during laboratory trials.


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