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    About Cane Jaggery

    • Natural jaggery or unrefined cane sugar is rich in minerals naturally found in sugar cane.
    • Cane Jaggery also adds a beautiful flavour to anything that it sweetens.
    • The Sugarcane Jaggery Powder has a natural taste and can be used in your beverages and desserts like tea, coffee, cakes, or puddings to enhance the taste.
    • Cane jaggery automatically gives a sweet &  relishing taste to them.
    • Being a rich source of antioxidants and minerals, Cane Culture brings to you the best sugarcane jaggery which is a perfect & healthy alternative to white table sugar.
    • It is highly nutritious & has fewer carbohydrates than white refined sugar.
    • Jagger is chemical-free as it’s not refined using a chemical treatment

    Health Benefits

    • jaggery is believed to draw out dust and unwanted particles from the body providing relief to the respiratory tract, lungs, food pipes, stomach and intestines. It’s recommended to have jaggery along with pepper, tulsi, dry ginger or sesame seeds for best results.
    • Jaggery is a good source of potassium that helps balance electrolytes, boosting metabolism as well as building muscles. Moreover, potassium can also help reduce water retention in one’s body, hence, playing a major role in weight loss.
    • Cane Jaggery dilates the blood vessels allowing smooth flow and stabilising blood pressure. So if someone suffers from high or low blood pressure, including it in their diet would be of great help!
    • jaggery provides gradual energy that lasts for a longer time.This is because it is unrefined, which ensures that blood sugar levels aren’t altered immediately and rise slowly instead. This, in turn, can help prevent fatigue as well.



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