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    About Broken Urad Dal

    • The broken urad dal is a split lentil from urad dal.
    • It is skinned and creamy white in colour.
    • It is full of iron, calcium and magnesium and there by helps in improving digestion.
    • It is used in various Indian recipes of which lentil soup is one of the common recipe that is made using broken urad dal.


    Health benefits

    • Regularly eating urad dal with a low-fat diet may help maintain lipid homeostasis (balance). As a result, it may help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Agents responsible for this heart-friendly property of Urad dal are fibre, low glycemic index, and minor components like saponins, phytosterols and oligosaccharides.
    • Urad dal has a low glycemic index (increases blood glucose levels slowly). Along with a low glycemic index, it also has a high content of indigestible fibre, making it an excellent candidate for maintaining blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. Also, black gram may help prevent insulin resistance associated with type 2 diabetes.
    • The presence of lipids, proteins and fats lends black grams high nutritional value. In addition, black grams may help maintain healthy body weight by providing early satiety due to its high fibre content, limiting overall food consumption.
    • Prebiotics are indigestible foods beneficial in stimulating the growth of helpful intestinal bacteria and improving overall gut health. Black grams are a good source of prebiotics. Consuming black grams (whole) may provide prebiotic health benefits and might be regarded as potential functional food.


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