Black Gram 1KG


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    About Black Gram

    • Black gram or chole (as known in North India) are a good source of protein without losing on taste and versatility when it comes to recipes.
    • That said, black gram nutrition is well-known and is also higher than white chickpeas or kabuli chana, and India exports about 67 percent of the world’s total black gram.
    • The black gram is a widely consumed lentil in Bengal; hence, it often goes by the name Bengal gram.
    • The black gram is widely consumed in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka. Globally, after India, Italy is the second-highest consumer of black gram.
    • A great alternative to eggs is black gram or Kala chana.


    Health Benefits

    • Black gram nutrition has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for consumption by people already suffering from diabetes.
    • Along with a low index, black gram also has high amylose content that decreases the metabolic rate of starch digestion.
    • Adding to these two factors, the fibers present in black gram further help with diabetes.
    • This further prevents blood sugar levels from fluctuating and cause symptoms that are normally associated with diabetes. If you are at risk of developing diabetes a genetic condition or other health conditions that lead to diabetes you can add black gram to your daily diet to prevent diabetes onset.
    • Black gram nutrition is high in the organic compound sterol. This sterol shares many structural similarities with cholesterol (also known as bad fat).
    • This similarity prevents the blood from absorbing cholesterol, which further leads to the lowering of high blood pressure and hypertension. Additionally, the high fiber content in black gram further helps manage the lipid levels in the blood.



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