Avaram Poo Soup 100GM


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    About Avaram poo soup

    • This instant avaram poo soup mix is a healthy blend of natural spices along with dried avarampoo..
    • This avaram poo soup is 100% natural as there is no added preservatives or colours.
    • Add 1 teaspoon of this avaram poo soup mix to the boiling water and boil for 3 minutes.
    • Yummy avaram poo soup is ready to eat.


    Health Benefits

    • Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for diabetes, for treating all skin problems like itching and body odour and also for treating urinary problems. The flowers are cooked with dal and consumed for treating constipation too.
    • Traditionally the bark powder is used for treating skin diseases. The bark is also boiled along with water and consumed for reducing inflammation.
    • Avarampoo shrub leaves are traditionally used for hair wash. We add the avarampoo leaf powder while making hair wash powder, it helps clean hair well. The leaf poultice is used for healing wounds and for treating other skin problems.
    • Some people make hair oil with avaram seeds and bhringraj to treat premature greying of the hair. The seeds are also used for treating some skin diseases.
    • Avarampoo roots are used for treating skin diseases, when we wash the wounds with the avarampoo root water got by boiling the leaves in water, it will help in faster wound healing. The root extract also has a protective effect on our kidneys.
    • The leaf extract of avarampoo plant has amazing anti microbial properties and the methanol extract is more potent than the water extract. The antimicrobial property is due to the presence of phenolic and flavonoids present in the plant. This anti microbial properties is one of the main reason this plant is widely used for skin care.



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